The Colourful Couch Movement

The Colourful Couch Movement

We desperately need a new couch. Preferably one that doesn't swallow you up.

Apart from being bad for your back, hard to make pom poms and impossible to get out of, it's way too big for the room. So you could say it swallows the living room as well.

What do you think of the colourful couch movement? Personally, I just love colour but I do pause at the thought of purchasing a statement couch. Without a neutral base, I wonder how limited we'll feel with what we can put with it 2 years from now.

That said, I used to own an enormous red velvet couch in my younger days and friends still remember it fondly. Perhaps, I just need to harden up? 

Here are some gorgeous local couches to drool over...
Wow! This is a royal blue beauty from Interior Design Online 
Cocktails at 4 o'clock on the Peacock Sofa in mustard from Stacks Furniture
Not sure which green to go for? Decision not necessary with the Blob Sofa from Business Interiors 
Not for the shy-retiring types is the Patchwork Sofa from Stacks Furniture. 
Not just a stunning colour but a great pattern as well.  Check out the Russo sofa in blush from Shut the Front Door   
Here's a nod to colour while still be very soft.  Very nice Victoria sofa in dusty green from Nood.  

OK then, those are examples to think about - which is your favourite?  This Google search exercise is swaying me towards a colourful couch purchase.  Would you consider one for your home? 

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