About MakeKit

Who is behind Makekit and how did MakeKit come about?

Hello, I'm Fiona, based out of Queenstown, the owner/creator behind Make Kit Craft Kits. I was searching for gifts which were fun to make and that were also useful and modern (not the least bit hippie-looking).  I'd had it up to HERE with rubbish craft kits that lived in a cupboard, collecting dust, so, I started making my own, tested them on friends and it's grown from there. 

We design modern craft boxes for adults and children.   

Are you looking to reclaim a childhood hobby or simply looking for some time out to recharge and relax?  A MakeKit box will do just that. 

Our kits come with everything you need

Because let's face it - running around sourcing all the materials is just another job you really don't need (or want) in your life.  

What makes us different?

All our craft kits come with everything you need to make a professional job of a beautiful project.  New Zealand products are sourced whenever possible, and we make a conscious effort to use as little plastic as possible.    


Are you wondering what on earth to do for that upcoming birthday party?  We can teach kids a new craft, pack up any mess, leave you with a cup of tea and a crowd of happy kids.  Email us for more details and ideas. 

Time to stop clicking and get making! 

See the ever-growing range of gorgeous DIY craft projects loved by people of all ages. You're ready for some timeout.