10 best gifts for women in their 40's

10 Best Gifts to Buy Women in Their 40's


As a woman in her late forties, I've now got some things figured out (or so I'd like to think so).

I've read The Life-changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo, I'm working on that elusive capsule wardrobe and the last of the baby clothes are on Trademe.

Life-changing Magic of Tidying So what do you gift a woman in her 40's when she wants to downsize on "stuff" she just doesn't need, just doesn't want and just doesn't like?

Here's my pick of go-to gift ideas which will be loved by women in their forties, the world over.

A good quality body lotion. In my twenties, I didn't see a lot of point to body lotion, but hey, my skin was twenty. Now it's crazy happy to get a drink whenever it can!  I'm not talking about those lotions with choking artificial smells, but the yummy essential oils found in brands such as Trilogy and Antipodes.

A bottle of her favourite - gin, wine or balsamic vinegar.

Magazine Subscription. Because who doesn't want a present every month?

Lunch with your best friends. Because it's sooooo overdue, and no one knows you or makes you laugh quite as much as they do.

A Makekit Craft BoxThis gives her a chance to sit down and lose herself in a therapeutic task for a couple of hours.  Think - pottering about in her happy place is on a summer's evening.

Tickets to a rock concert - especially if it's a loud one. Or better still, her favourite band when she was 15, because back then hardly anybody ever toured New Zealand due to tiny venues and sound quality comparable to the inside of a tin can.

Beautiful Tea - T2 offers beautiful teapots, cups and every tea flavour imaginable.

An experience. Pencil in a weekend away with family, friends. If she's a tired Mum, think about a couple of nights to herself without anyone or any laundry to consider.  Or a craft workshop where she can make something beautiful and useful.  

A beautiful scarf. Scarves say "I've put some thought into this outfit today". Also excellent for covering turkey necks and brightening your face - just saying. Think about what colours she looks great in (this does not include black ok!).

Pyjamas. Sleeping in new, cotton PJs is a big bonus with every woman I know in their 40's.

Pass this guide onto friends and family and suddenly the guesswork (plus those hit-and-miss gifts) are gone! 

Antipodes lotion, Trilogy lotion, Bendon pjs, sushi imageTeapot from Tea2
Makekit Craft boxRedcurrent white clover scarf, RMS Beauty makeup,
Fig Balsamic VinegarSimple Minds from 1989

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