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Make Your Own Calendula Soap

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The benefits of calendula are real! Here's what I've learned about this magical plant - it's anti-inflammatory, really moisturising, helps protect your skin, keeps your skin healthy, and can even firm your skin!

This DIY craft kit has all the ingredients, steps and tools you need to make some calendula soap bars, lets get soapy!

This MakeKit kit includes

  • NZ Natural soap¬†
  • NZ shea butter
  • NZ dried calendula and lavender¬†
  • Lavender oil (works wonders for dry skin)
  • Reusable silicone moulds (6x moulds)¬†
  • Step-by-step instructions¬†

GST included

Difficulty: 3/10

Suitable for: 8+ years

You can make this in: 30 minutes + drying time

Hey kids! Why not whip these up as a present for your mum, dad or grandparent?





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