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Extra Soy Candle Ingredient Kit - MakeKit DIY Craft Kits

Extra Soy Candle Ingredient Kit

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Giving EXTRA Beautiful Life to China Teacups

This pack works in conjunction with the tea cup from the Soy Candle in a Tea Cup Kit.  This "extras" kit allows you to make a second soy candle in your beautiful tea cup that you got in your Soy Candle in a Tea Cup Kit. Why just use that beautiful tea cup once?! You can choose the same scent or mix it up.

This Extra ingredients pack includes:

  • New Zealand Soy Wax Flakes
  • Candlewick
  • Stick
  • Fragrance oil - choose from one of 5 fragrances.

The ingredients pack does not come in a box so we can keep costs down and efficiency up! If purchased with the original soy candle kit we will pop it all in that kit. 

Difficulty:  3/10

Suitable: teens and adults.  Tweens could also make this project with the help of an adult when working with the hot wax.  

GST included 



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