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Remaking our craft kits and why I continue to adore them

At the start of 2023 I have made it a priority to redo all of the craft kits that we sell at Make Kit. I set this goal for myself as wanted to make sure that the instructions were still easy to follow and not confusing and I also wanted to start crafting again instead of working behind the scenes in the business. So far I have made the following kits and here is what I have thought while doing it:

Macrame Plant Hanger - I have just recently finished this and I, hand on heart, loved making this kit so much! I had forgotten how to do the three macrame knots and had to read the instructions carefully, but once I conquered the knot, it was just so satisfying. These macrame knots took a bit of focus and once I had mastered them it was very rewarding. It also made me focus on something other than my phone, my children (don't worry they were being looked after), my laptop, and the housework and made me just be in the moment. For me being in the moment is tricky, my brain goes a million miles an hour, thinking of all the things I have to do or haven't done, so for it to slow down for a couple of hours has to be good for it right? Making the macrame plant hanger, literally works from the top down, so you can easily see the progress you are making as you work your way down the hanger. Once you have done the last knot and fitted the potted plant into the hanger, it is just so pleasing to see something you have made with your hands, be beautiful and functional. 

Fridge magnets - this kit, perfect for kids and adults, was a whole lot of fun to make! I really wanted to re-test this kit to make sure the fridge magnets are fit for purpose, and they absolutely are, they hold strong on the fridge when the door is slammed shut, perfect for a fridge that is opened and closed as much as mine is. Choosing the patterned stock paper to go on either the peg or the cabochon was fun and the end result with all 11 magnets looked awesome. Perfect rainy-day activity.

Bath bombs - I retested this bath bomb kit as worried I sometimes might put too much food coloring in and the bombs might be too bright, but I think even if I do they look good however bright they turn out! Making bath bombs is always fun, and my hands smelt so good after making them, and were super soft from the almond oil. I made two sets, the first set were pink and perfect, they came out of the mold super easy and looked great. The second set, not so much lol, they would NOT budge from the molds - which prompted me to research and write a blog on how to make the perfect bomb - check it out here, basically water, or the amount of water, is key! My crumbling second set while a little disappointing, still made beautiful bath crystals so all was not wasted. I think that is what I love about craft, there is always something to learn and if something isn't perfect, all is not lost!

Ok that's three kits for now, I'll update this blog once I have done some of the other kits. Happy days!


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