Tips to make the perfect bath bombs

Tips to make the perfect bath bombs

Make the Perfect Bath Bombs

Bath bombs can be tricky little balls of joy, with these tips, and a bit of practice, you will soon be making the perfect bath bombs:

1. Moisture is key. Too much water and the bath bomb won't come out of the mold, too little water and the bomb won't hold together. You want the mixture to feel damp but not wet. TIP: if the mixture holds its shape when squeezed together this is a good sign! If it crumbles it needs a bit more water, if it is too moist leave it to air out before putting in mold or add in some more dry ingredients (baking soda from your cupboard).

2. Lightly pack your mixture into each half of the bath bomb and pack it so it slightly overfills the mold. Press together firmly so that the two halves stick together. 

3. Leave bath bombs in a cool dry place for 24 hours. If you live in a dry climate this should be enough, if you live somewhere humid it might take a bit longer.

4. When getting the bath bombs out of their molds, lightly tap the sides of the mold on the table and gently tug at the mold. Twisting can cause the bath bombs to crumble.

5. If the bath bomb does crumble when coming out, all is not lost! Store crumbled bath bomb in an air tight container and pop a couple of scoops of this into your next bath and it will be bliss

6. Store bath bombs in an airtight container and they will last for six months. 

Shop here for our bath bomb making kits, we have large and small round molds and also have heart molds which make beautiful heart bombs. 

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