10 Ways We Can Help YOU

10 Ways We Can Help YOU

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OK, so MakeKit DIY Craft Kits offer awesome craft projects, but there are lots of other ways we can help you too.  You may not know it yet, but we can help you be organised, chill out, have fun and absorb.


Here’s how we can help you …


  1. We save you time. Is it hard to find the perfect gift? Let me guess, you’re looking for something interesting that looks like you’ve put in lots of effort, reasonably priced, but needs to last more than a week.


  1. We do birthday parties. Just thinking about a child’s party can give you a headache.  MakeKit have age-appropriate projects for them to make, take home and show off. Is there a particular “thing” he or she is crazy about? We’ll do our best to accommodate.

 birthday parties

  1. We give you the tools to create good times with your kids. Making together is also making memories. Think back to your own childhood and what you loved to do.


  1. Or, you want the kids to be kept busy so you can relax. Sometimes you don’t want to be mum, you want to be the woman who flicks through a magazine while sipping on a G &T. If the little people are busy doing a project they can sink their teeth into, all is right with the world! 


  1. We do teambuilding. Want to thank your admin team for a job well done? Craft workshops are a unique team-building exercise.  We can come to you, set up, clean up and teach while your team connect and engage.  Go to our workshop page for project ideas.     


  1. We help people reconnect with their creative side. Simple stylish projects are what’s needed here! And it doesn’t take ages either. See how long each MakeKit project will take.     


  1. We give you permission to do something for yourself. Women still have a hard time doing what WE want to do. We constantly feel we need to fill our days with commitments – usually to help others. Well, buy yourself a craft kit baby and enjoy meeting some of your own needs😊 


  1. We help you get together with friends. Women love to “come together” (thanks Beatles). So, if a group of friends could finally catch up, craft away while chatting and putting the world right – doesn’t that sound like a fine idea?


  1. We source everything for you. If you’re wasting hours finding what you need to make something it can take really the fun out of things. MakeKit projects are all of the fun and none of the hassle because everything you need is right there waiting to be turned into something fabulous.


  1. We help you learn a new skill. One thing which is very evident at our workshops is how proud people are of what they’ve made themselves (often in disbelief).  You don’t have to be a craft expert and you don’t have to allow for lots of hours, because our projects are simple and quick to make. 
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