Cool DIY Projects You Can Make in 2 Hours or Less!

Cool DIY Projects You Can Make in 2 Hours or Less!

DIY Projects to make in an hour or less


For many people, there’s a real thrill in starting a DIY project. It’s finishing it which proves to be a problem.  Others think “I don’t have lots of time to make that!”

Well, good news, you don’t have to commit to hours on end, because these projects can be made in 2 hours or less. 

Even better still you don’t have to be a craft expert. If you can hold a brush you can complete these projects!

Here’s a quick time guide based on our current products:

Make in less than an hour

Young Children

  • Wooden beads necklaces – this kit is excellent for play dates and birthday parties. It comes with a large blunt needle making it safe and easy for kids to use.
  • Pom pom starter kit – WARNING! Pom pom making is very addictive so don't be surprised if your young ones are quiet for hours (no, I'm serious!).    
  • Bath bombs - this is a great 'time to calm the kids down' project, followed by yummy smelling bath time (24 hours setting time in fridge).

Tweens to Adults

  • Leather key ring – as well as a fashion accessory we promise you will never lose your keys again.
  • Soy candle in vintage teacup – we’ve sourced gorgeous vintage teacups as the basis of this project and the subtle lavender or orange blossom oil will create a natural scent.
  • Luxury 'Everything' butter – we used to call it body butter but since it's also a great eye makeup remover, cleanser, hair moisturiser, facial moisturiser and shaving cream its a skincare superstar!  
  • Coffee Exfoliating bars – why not make some for Dad?  Coffee wakes up your body as well as your mind. 
  • Food Wraps – join the plastic wrap-free movement. Comes with 3 zig-zagged (non-fraying) cotton pieces in gorgeous food-related prints.  
  • Shampoo bars – These are a no waste (or plastic), simple to make alternative to traditional shampoos.  And because they are solid and concentrated they also last much longer.  


Make in 1 to 2 hours 

Young Children 

  • Robot making - these sell out faster than anything else at our local markets. A great Dad and child project with banging, nailing and gluing!  
  • Peg dolls - don't these take you back to your childhood?  Spark creativity using a variety of materials for one-of-a-kind cuties, family, super heros, wherever it takes you.   


Tweens to Adults

  • Gemstone soaps – this popular kit comes with two soap dyes to produce many more shades and colours. The end product is always a great surprise.
  • Macrame plant holder – this continues to be one of our most popular kits. Everyone loves seeing the knots turn into a stylish planter. Plus it's extremely therapeutic and loads cheaper than a life coach.  
  • Christmas Wreath - hoop and all materials supply to make a striking, modern wreath, using traditional colours. 


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