Cool DIY Projects You Can Make in 2 Hours or Less!

DIY Projects to make in an hour or less


For many people, there’s a real thrill in starting a DIY project. It’s finishing it which proves to be a problem.  Others think “I don’t have lots of time to make that!”

Well, good news, you don’t have to commit to hours on end, because MakeKit projects can be made in 2 hours or less. 

Even better still you don’t have to be a crafting expert. If you can hold a brush you can complete these projects. 

Each one comes with an age suitability rate and a difficulty out of 10.  5/10 is the highest making it easy to create a professional looking product, easily. 

Here’s a quick time guide based on our current products:

Make in less than an hour

Young Children

  • Baby teether – make it for a new baby brother or sister. Depending on their age the child may need some help knotting the thread at the end. This also a great gift to give to a friend who is expecting.
  • Wooden beads necklaces – this kit is excellent for play dates and birthday parties. It comes with a large blunt needle making it safe and easy for kids to use.
  • Pom pom starter kit – WARNING! Pom pom making is very addictive.  This is an ALL AGES kit that comes with wool and two express pom pom makers.  
  • Harry Potter wand and tie - this is a great 'time to calm the kids down' project, followed by pretend play.
  • Fringe and beads necklaces - for the young Fashionista.  Enough to make four necklaces with gorgeous beads.


Tweens to Adults

  • Leather key ring – as well as a fashion accessory we promise you will never lose your keys again.
  • Soy candle in vintage teacup – we’ve sourced gorgeous vintage teacups as the basis of this project and the subtle lavender or orange blossom oil will create a natural scent.
  • Body butter – locally sourced ingredients to make a top-quality product.
  • Coffee Exfoliating bars – why not make some for Dad?  Coffee wakes up your body as well as your mind. 
  • Necklace and bracelet set – loads of thread colours to choose from so it works in with your existing wardrobe.


Make in 1 to 2 hours 

Young Children 

  • Pizza dinner – an excellent project for a parent to do with a child. Young ones can cut shapes and stuff the pizza crust while Mum or Dad hand stitch the pizza base.
  • Wooden bead garland – a brilliant creative project for both boys and girls.
  • Soft toy cat – Coco the Cat comes in different body and scarf colours. 
  • Soft toy dog – Doug the Dog is a bit mad-looking and that’s what you’ll love about him too!


Tweens to Adults

  • Gemstone soaps – this popular kit comes with two soap dyes to produce many more shades and colours. The end product is always a great surprise.
  • Felt ball mobile – Gorgeous rich colours make this a must for a baby or toddlers room.
  • Macrame plant holder – one of our most popular kits. Everyone loves seeing the knots turn into a stylish planter.
  • Ring cones – even though the drying time is 24 hours (it’s air during clay) the moulding and painting takes about an hour. Finish with the varnish makes it look like you bought it in a design store.

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