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Kids best seller bundle - Robots and Pom Poms

Kids best seller bundle - Robots and Pom Poms

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Our two bestselling kid's craft kits, we have paired together and discounted, saving $5 plus FREE SHIPPING. Both of these craft kits are suitable for girls and boys, make endless pom poms and create your very own quirky robot family.

Here's what's included in each kit

Robot kit (makes four robots)

  • Re-purposed wooden blocks
  • Screws, beads, Lego pieces, nails, pegs, hooks, magnets, googly eyes etc*
  • Wood glue in dispenser bottle
  • Easy to follow instructions with images

Pom pom kit (makes loads of Pom Poms!)

  • 4x express pom pom makers (different sizes)
  • Easy to follow instructions with images 
  • Different coloured yarn/wool
  • List of 38 gorgeous pom pom projects!

For more info about what is included in each kit see here Pom Poms and Robots

Suitable for: 6+ years old - a little assistance may be required with the pom pom makers, but once the kid's get it, they are away!

The benefits of kids crafting go beyond just creating pretty artworks. It nurtures their creativity, fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities, patience, self-esteem, and self-expression. And remember, crafting is not just for kids; it's an activity that the whole family can enjoy together. So, gather your art supplies, let your imagination run wild, and create beautiful memories with your little ones through the joy of crafting!

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