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Why we think our bath bomb kit has been our best-selling craft kit and will continue to be in 2023

First, bath bombs can be made by kids, tweens and adults. They are a quick and easy craft with little mess (if you keep an eye on the kids when mixing the ingredients). And, once finished, the joy of dropping them into your bath makes the little mess all worth it.  

Secondly, bath bombs make great gifts. They are a perfect ball of love, one that can be colored and scented to your preference. Choose your bath bomb mold make a mini bomb, a heart shaped bomb or a bigger bomb, dependent on who is going to use it and what they mean to you!

And then there is the magic that happens when using a bath bomb. The citric acid used in bath bombs helps exfoliate dead skin that is no longer needed. The oil (we use almond oil in our bombs) then moisturize your skin, so you get an exfoliant and a moisturizer in one product.

Lavender seems to be the most popular fragrance for our bath bomb kits. We think this is because lavender is timeless, and people associate using bath bombs with deep relaxation, most likely bathing before bed, seeking some tranquility from the world before the day ends. What better way than a lavender scented bath to do this?

And, saving the best to last, the FIZZZ! Who doesn’t love dropping a bath bomb into a deep, hot bath and listening to that delicious fizz as the chaos of the day evaporates along with your bath bomb.

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