Why kids craft projects are so good for them

Why kids craft projects are so good for them

  1. It get's them away from screens. I put this as number one as screens are taking over the world, kids and adults alike. When I was a kid, home was my sanctuary, my safe place, whereas nowadays with mobile devices, kids sometimes can not break away from negative things possibly happening at school because it follows them into their home by way of social media. So, instead of screen time, why not build robots for an hour, or chip away at an embroidery project, or make some bath bombs, giving kids a break from the outside world.
  2. Kids craft can spark a passion. I'm a big fan of nice reality shows like The Great British Sewing Bee and The Great British Bake Off and on these shows you often hear the back story as to where the competitors love for sewing/baking stemmed from, and it was often from doing the craft as a child with mum, grandma, or aunty. So you never know what talents/passions your kids might have until they are introduced to something, so why not set New Zealand's next best crafter in motion with a kids craft project.
  3. Craft is something you can do together. I often craft with my daughter who is 7, and it is lovely just the two of us, in a quiet space working on a craft kit. Albeit I have to do a lot of the work (we are working on getting her to stick with something a bit longer and not giving up), it's our special time and we love the creations we make. The temptation to take over from me is high, but I try my best to let this go as the end result does not need to be perfect (and often isn't) as it is made with love and that's all that really matters. 
  4. Crafting creates a sense of achievement. When you create the best robot ever, or learn a new stitch in embroidery, or create the best coloured combo pom pom, there is a real sense of achievement at the end of crafting that really puts a smile on the dial. When kids boast "I made this", holding up their wonky creation, it is definitely good for everyone's souls. 
  5. Crafting develops new skills and let's kid's imaginations grow bigger and bigger. Kid's learn things super quick and using their hands and their imagination together is awesome for their development. I recently made a whole bunch of pom poms with my 7 year old, to me they were just pom poms, to my daughter it turned into a pom pom family. There was mummy pom pom, daddy pom pom, and two children, and then they went on a little adventure. 
  6. Crafting creates a treasure they can keep forever. Kids display their craft projects proudly on their dresser, showing anyone who will listen, and why not be proud, of making something with your hands, mind and creativity. 

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