Which craft kit is right for me?

Which craft kit is right for me?

Want to start your journey with DIY crafts, but not sure which craft kit is right for you? Here is some more information about our five best selling craft kits and who they might be better suited for.

Bath bombs:

Our bath bomb kits are perfect for kids, tweens and adults, which explains why it is our number one best seller. This DIY craft is quick and easy to make (aside from the setting time which can take an hour or two). All that is needed from your kitchen is a mixing bowl and some water. If you want to make it a touch harder, then double the ingredients and experiment with colours, make a bath bomb that is half yellow and half blue. An easy craft kit for someone who loves a long soak in the bath, I personally love using a peppermint bomb in my foot spa – bliss!

Embroidery Kits:

Our embroidery kits take a bit longer, so if you are wanting a DIY craft that last a couple of days/even weeks if you chip away at it slowly, then an embroidery kit might be the right place to start. This kit is a bit more challenging than some of our others, still aimed at beginner’s embroidery, but trickier to master as it takes a bit of concentration to learn a new stitch. I was relatively new to embroidery when I first used one of our kits and loved the challenge of it and also how much my French knots improved from one embroidery kit to another.

Macrame plant hanger:

This DIY craft kit is perfect if you love plants (who doesn’t?) and want an introduction into Macrame. This kit can be done in a couple of hours, perfect if you want a challenge but also want it to be completed the same day you start it so that you can display it and your plant with pride.

Gemstone soap kit:

A soap making kit with a little extra, this kit is suitable for tweens to adults and a bit tricker than making your run of the mill soap. Making Gemstone Soaps you get to experiment with different colours, mixing soap dye and creating a hue that suits you! You also get to shape your soap and make it truly looking like a gem.

Candle making kit:

This candle making craft kit is one of our most straight forward, so if you are looking for an introduction to candle making then this is the kit for you. It comes with a hand-picked vintage teacup so the beauty of this DIY craft is that once you have made the candle, it lasts for another month while burning it nightly and enjoying the aroma that you chose.

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