What makes Make Kit Craft Kits different than the big guys...

What makes Make Kit Craft Kits different than the big guys...

1. We are small.

This means we have the time and energy to get back to you! When you email, send a message, or comment on socials, you are talking to a very small team who is invested and who WILL get back to you! This means following up on delivery, any problems with the order, any queries or questions, these can be handled and addressed promptly. 

2. We use, when we can, locally sourced materials and ingredients.

We shop local and support local, always on the lookout for quality. With our beauty focused craft kits we try and source New Zealand made natural ingredients to ensure a beautiful result and also make sure the product is safe to use on your skin, hair and body.

3. We are a little rustic.

We package up each kit individually, nothing is bulk produced, ensuring quality control and being able to tweak things as we go if something isn't quite right. By doing this ourselves we are able to use as little waste as possible, with a focus on reusable materials used to package our craft kits. 

4. We take feedback seriously.

We strive for having the best craft kits out there, so if we receive feedback, whether positive or not so positive, we take this seriously and look at ways to improve our craft kits continuously. We also re-make our kits regularly so that if something isn't working or if the instructions don't read right, we tweak things. 

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