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The Benefits of Buying Locally

Want to put your money where your heart is? Locally made products come with a whole lot of benefits - typically higher quality and greater attention to detail being in the top two. 

The face behind the product had a dream of starting up on their own, knew in their heart of hearts it was a great product (or service) and believed it could help others. So, they took some risks, took over the dining table, made lots of mistakes, thought about the business day and night - but always kept going.

Here are some top reasons to invest in local products ...


Made with love
You can see and feel the care that's been taken in a local product. Why? When you buy from a local business an actual person does a bad-ass disco move.

Every MakeKit craft kit that arrives at your door is put together by me. Yep, me. This one women band checks and double checks everything is in place, there's enough shea butter/glue/citric acid etc. I want you to have a great experience with my products just as much as you do!

Boosting the local economy
Seventy per cent of all NZ Enterprises are sole traders. That's a big number. But purchasing locally doesn't just build an economic future for small businesses, its an economic confidence that spills out into other areas in life and the community.

Customer service
Buy locally and you are sure to receive a customer service above the ordinary.  Plus, it's always reassuring to know you can call a local number if somethings amiss or not quite right.

Feel good factor
Knowing that your money lands in the lap of a local business with integrity and passion creates that lovely feel good factor.  You can see the love in the product, the packaging, the personal notes.

design market

Customised goods = meeting consumer needs
More often than not you are talking to the maker directly so selecting a specific colour or changing out something is more likely to happen.

Environmentally friendly
Waste annoys the hell out of me, so last year I started adding recycling tips to the bottom of all MakeKit instructions pages. The packaging is either re-purposed bubble wrap and boxes or paper I've shredded.
It's more than just a business - it's an extension of the values I live by.

It's just plain easy
Any serious business has a website and/or Facebook page these days. Buying and communicating is easier than ever before.  

Handmade = quality + uniqueness
If you're in the market for gifts, whether it be birthdays, housewarming, new bubba or Christmas, handmade products offer a uniqueness like no other.

Chances are the quality is so so SO much better too. Like your coffee for example - it's just better made by a barista as opposed to a vending machine.

You get the picture.

See the MakeKit range of modern craft projects for adults and children of all ages. It's an experience, a product and something useful all wrapped into one!

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