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Top Ten Crafting Tools every Woman should have


Maybe it's because my Dad built several homes or because I am an ex-window dresser or maybe it's because I love to be organised and acquire lots of storage - but a toolbox to me is simply an extension of one's handbag.  It was quite hard to limit myself but here are my top ten go-to craft essentials.

Hot Glue Gun

A hot glue gun is the one tool that you must have in your craft room. Use it to adhere fabric, paper, plastic, wood, etc. The beauty of the hot glue gun is that is easy to apply, clean, and dries quickly.

Measuring Tape

Very important when you least expect it, so a mini one in your everyday handbag is a great investment. How many times have you been out and tried to measure something accurately using the length of your hand? Exactly.

Decent Cutting Mat

Card making, origami, anywhere where a good sharp Stanley knife is concerned a rubber cutting board is a must.  Purchase a large one and you will appreciate how useful it is once you have one. Before purchasing a cutting mat there were a few disasters in the house both to myself and the furniture. Change your blade often as well to prevent frayed edges.


Make sure it is one which actually fits your hand. My husband calls my hands "toy hands" (cheeky sod) so I found a smaller hammer suits me perfectly. It doesn't strain my wrists and allows me to have an accurate swing.

Label Machine

This is a game changer. Especially if you have a LOT of craft supplies. Once you've labelled all your crafty bits and bobs, it's time to move on to the kitchen, bathroom and children's rooms.

Good Quality Scissors

One for sewing, one for crafts, one for household use. Prevent them from crossing paths for accurate results.

Washi tape

Search for washi tape projects on Pinterest and then block out the next couple of hours in your diary because you are now no use to anyone. Some of my favourite washi tape ideas are:

  • Colour coding different sections of a folder

  • Covering wooden pegs

  • Covering bulldog clips

  • The rest I will cover in a blog all on its own!

Rechargeable Drill


Not used quite so often in craft projects but because walking around with a drill makes a 5,1" woman feel powerful then I thought it was worth including.  Make a list of all those loose "bits" around the house and attack them all in one afternoon. You'll feel very virtuous - promise.  

Stamp Pads 

Tea towels, tote bags, napkins, pillowcases can all benefit from a touch of DIY. You can purchase stamps pads and carving tools here.

Porcelain Marker

Doodling is loads of fun for adults and children. Every now and then you'll draw something so cool you wish you could duplicate it on to something more permanent. See our Pinterest board for lots of stunning or comical images to draw on mugs, jewellery dishes, plates, saucers, soap dishes - whatever you can find. Makekit DIY Kits offer a great Ceramic Mug Kit which includes a black marker with two tip thicknesses, a gold porcelain marker, two mugs, step by step instructions and images of simple, eye-catching designs for you to try.

These tools make great gift ideas too. How did I go with my list? Is there anything you would add or alter? Share in the comments a crafting tool you just couldn't live without.

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