Winter School Holidays - Fun Ideas for Kids

Winter School Holidays - Fun Ideas for Kids

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We love our kids, really, I know we do, but many of us dread the impending school holidays as children as sure to ask more than once - "what can I do?"


My children are such non-believers when my husband and I say we are never bored. Unfortunately, the irony is wasted on them when I tell them the reason we are never bored is because we love cooking, cleaning and tidying up so much. 


Of course, there are parks, the zoo, Netflix, sleepovers and school holiday programmes, but it can become a little ‘old’ the tenth time around.  So, for a little fresh inspiration Makekit DIY Crafts Kits has collated new ideas to get kids thinking outside of the box. 


Learn something new

How to make marshmallows, rainbow slime, a felt ball mobile, personalise a phone case. Our Pinterest page for kids offered great tutorials to get those creative juices flowing.

Make something new 

MakeKit DIY Craft Kits offers a range of projects for kids to create by themselves, in pairs or with a parent.  Our robot family kit is a fun Winter's day project for kids 4 years and up (with some adult supervision) or our bath bomb kits with yummy fragrances. 

Children are learning a new something new, reading the instructions, following the simple steps and have something to show for their work at the end.  You could say, it’s learning outside the classroom. For more ideas go to our Craft Kits for Kids page. 




The Priceless Cardboard Box 

Ever wondered why ‘bottle flipping’ is an absolute hit with kids?  It’s accessible to all children, the child is in control, it gives a different result every time and most of all it builds comradery among kids.  

Here is an excellent tutorial where a marble run is constructed using a trusty cardboard box, iceblock sticks, disposable cups, and marbles. Takes time to make and then fun to play.  You’re welcome.  


When its been raining for 3 days straight!

Children have the energy to burn, particularly boys and some of the best advice I was given for winter holidays is this...

Get the kids into a wetsuiit or togs and send them outside.  Mud, sliding about, jumping in puddles, and general scallywag behaviour is going to clear the cobwebs out and give any parent some respite.

Absolutely no one is allowed back inside until they've had a good hose-down, followed by a warm shower to chill them out a bit.  Invite the neighbour’s kids and this is the kind of fun memory they will talk about 30 years from now.  





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