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Our five essential oils we use over and over and why we love them

1. Lavender

Where else to start if not with lavender? This timeless fragrance oil is one of our most popular oils chosen in most of our kits and we reckon we know why. First of all, lavender brings back great memories for people, from granny's sock drawer to a summer holiday somewhere hot and dry, lavender reminds us of times when life was simple and good. The calming affect lavender can have is another huge pull for this purple plant, life is busy, our minds are busy, so when we need to slow down, lavender seems like a very good option, whether in a bath bomb in a hot bath, in some sleep balm or just rubbed onto temples, lavender really does have that relaxing effect. I could go on but we have four other fragrance oils to get to...

2. Orange blossom, also known as Neroli

This fresh floral scent, orange blossom, is popular in perfume making, and is the perfect spring or summer scent. It is sweet and delicious and is beautiful in a hand cream or body butter. In researching this blog I even learned that it has been used as an aphrodisaic - I mean who knew! But not overly surprising given how beautiful orange blossom smells.  

3. Rose geranium

Another classic scent, rose geranium might remind you of your grandmother's rose garden and we are here for it. Not only does it smell delicious, did you know rose geranium essential oil can act as an antioxidant and antibacterial when used on acne, inflammation and can even reduce the signs of aging - that holy grail. 

4. Peppermint

This one is a favorite in our bath bomb kits and in our sugar scrub, perfect for both men and women. Peppermint awakes the senses so good to use in your morning shower. Peppermint oil can kill germs, helps stop itching (eek) and can reduce redness. Personally, I love making a feet sugar scrub with this oil.

5. Lemongrass

Not only is the tropical grassy plant great in cooking, it's oil is wonderful too. This citrusy scent is super fresh, if you want something different to a floral fragrance. Lemongrass oil may alleviate headaches/migraines, ease aches and pains and even keeps fungi away - high five Lemongrass

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