My favourite craft kit

My favourite craft kit

As the owner of Make Kit, I often get asked what my favourite craft kit is out of all of my craft kits, and it would have to be our macrame plant hanger kit, here's why:

1. I learn something new. I am by no means a macrame expert so every time I make this kit I have to follow the instructions to conquer the 3 different macrame knots. Once I can see the knot working and growing, it is very VERY satisfying. 

2. It creates something functional. It holds a potted plant perfectly. It also allows a plant to be hung in a pesky spot in the house that needs a bit of love but can't go on the floor. My latest macrame plant hanger is hanging in my bathroom over the bath with a climber plant inside.

3. I zone out. I concentrate on making the macrame plant hanger and only the macrame plant hanger for the time it takes to make, usually about an hour. I zone in on the making of this, shut out the world, and just use my hands while letting my mind wander. I am often crouched beside a door doing this as it is easiest completed hanging off a door handle and I love it. 

Why not try your hand at our Macrame Plant Hanger Kit and see if you love it as much as I do. 

xx Fiona

Macrame plant hanger

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