Local Businesses You Should Know About

Local Businesses You Should Know About

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Recently this whole plastic shamble that the world is in has really hit home to me.  Too many people saying "we must act now" and that's as far as it goes. 

So here is a list of local businesses who have pulled their finger out and are actually making a change.  Let's want for better. Not more. 


Wendyl's Green Goddess

I have dry skin, but if someone asked me "what state is your skin in at the moment" I will look blankly at you.  However, after using Wendyl's Rose cream for some time and nothing else, my skin is softer, clearer and round better. Even my son said so....Heh?! 

Smells delicious, a little goes a long way and it's full of goodies. 

I've made my own clothes washing powder, antibacterial spray and liquid soap for Wendyls recipes for the past 10 years and could never go back.  The best thing about making your own is you never run out.



After watching a recent documentary on our obsession with plastic I discovered this cool company.  We are certainly buying our shampoo from Brianne and her team in the future.  



Drapers Fabrics

Why add a fabric store you ask? Well, they're a nice bunch who sell the most beautiful fabrics and they package the fabrics in a plain brown paper bag.  And I reckon all these things should be applauded. 



All Natural Mums

Stacey of All Natural Mums offers a range of play makeup for kids. Little girls like to pretend to be their mums and the No Nasties Natural Pretty Play Makeup means that gorgeous young skin stays gorgeous. 



MakeKit Craft Kits

Just a wee bit of self-promotion :)  Each craft kit now comes with a list of ways customers can reuse the MakeKit packaging.  We use shredded paper, cardboard boxes and cardboard envelopes (great for the compost) and with what little plastic we do use, I offer ways you can repurpose that as well.


Recycle Style

Lovely, good quality second-hand clothing store (online).  Great images, great products, this is the perfect place to reinvent your wardrobe.  

My youngest is doing a speech for school on the dangers of single-use plastics and when you start searching for statistics it's horrific.  

If you haven't seen the Sunday TVNZ documentary "Hooked on Plastic" I urge you to do so.  Confronting, sobering and makes you want to do better. Thank goodness. 


























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Thank you for sharing! This is very interesting! Gotta check all of their pages now.

Jessica Lowell

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