How to Stay Motivated Past February

How to Stay Motivated Past February

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A new diary, good weather and sand between your toes.  These things fill you with optimism for a new and exciting year ahead. Trouble is, so often these plans 'fizz' after February. Well, I'm going to live the whole year with purpose, and here's how I plan to do it!

Set some goals 
I'm not talking about changing the world, opt for making your goals achievable and realistic. What's going to make a difference to your year, a real difference? Mix it up with some fun goals with more serious goals so you're less likely to get bored with them.


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Learn something
Upskill to move to a better job, learn floral arranging, take part in a creative workshop. Try that 'thing' you saw on Facebook, Neighbourly etc which caught your eye.  

Write down important dates 
I find whenever I write something in my diary, I do it. Even if it is a week later. It's like the task is steering up at me, telling me off to get it done!  Better still, I don't need to hold everything in my head, where ultimately it will be forgotten.
I've grown to love the ole' Month at a Glance page. Somehow it makes me feel more in control of things.

Too many hangers, sheets that have turned yellow, (btw, why does that happen?), expired medicines and dried up pens. Start small and start one room at a time.  Get your house sorted helps get your mind sorted. Better still, there's instant gratification to motivate you to do more. 

Don't hesitate and whisper 'sweet nothings' to your 10 year old jeans. Chances are they don't fit you and you don't feel great in them anymore - the relationship has come to a natural end. If you're not happy with the realisation you've gone up a size, either exercise or cut all sizing tags off your clothes. Genius.

Always have something to look forward to
A concert, something fun is coming in the mail, a swim at your favourite beach or a night out with friends.

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Start a new habit
Choose one at a time. Commit to it for a month and expect there to be days when it's hard. Most of all, just start. There will be people wishes they'd had the guts to.

And rest
When I'm dog tired I tell the family I am unavailable for an hour (I know, it's not doable for those with toddlers). Some timeout means I can concentrate so much better after a rest. Plus I'm not grumpy. Give yourself the room you need. 

Anyway, I'm ready to start.  What helps your motivation and keeps it there? We'd love more ideas.  

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