How to put on a Crafternoon Tea

How to put on a Crafternoon Tea

 crafternoon tea

Firstly, what is a crafternoon tea?  Its when you get together with friends for a few hours and ‘make’.  Could be an afternoon or an evening, it doesn’t matter.  It could even be a brunch get together if that’s the easiest time for everyone (eg: new mums).   


Dare we mention it, but Christmas is not so far away and crafternoon teas are a great way to save time and money by making multiples of the same items and give them as gifts. Body butter, soy candles and pillowcases are just some quick and easy gift ideas.


Keep it simple

If you’re meeting up with old friends allows for lots and lots of talking time.  You want to challenge yourself a bit but keep the project relatively easy (especially if wine is present) with minimal steps so there’s room for talking and completing a craft.


Lock it in

We recommend having your crafternoon at a set time every 4-6 weeks.  This means everyone can block out this time on the calendar and in the diary well in advance. 

Being organised means those with children can leave the kids with partner, grandparents or playdates. But at the end of the day, it’s up to each person to make it happen. 


Take turns

Share the load and take turns at having it at different houses.  Here are our top tips and questions to get you started.

  1. Set up a Facebook groups so everyone can post craft ideas and what materials to bring (knitting needles, sewing machine, wooden beads).
  2. Does everyone bring snacks or is it the responsibility of the host?
  3. What is the cost of materials?
  4. To get some ideas flowing how about a macramé plant hanger, bath bombs, jewellery making, pom pom garland, fabric dying or make your own food wraps.


And best of all

It’s the perfect way to catch and socialise, learn a new skill together and take home something of your own.  Now, that’s a whole lot of feel-good endorphins right there!


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