Five benefit's of making your own beauty products

Five benefit's of making your own beauty products

Quite a few of our DIY craft kits are making your own beauty products and if you were wondering what the advantages are of making these yourself, here's some reasons why we think it's better than buying pre-made.

1. The first and most important benefit is that you know exactly what is in your lip balm, shampoo, body scrub, body butter etc. Instead of reading ingredients on the side of the bottle or container, you can see it/smell it/feel it and be confident that what you are using on your skin is nontoxic, natural and not harming the environment (no palm oils!).

2. Secondly, you get to tweak your recipe to what you like. For example, if you don't like your hand cream smelling too strongly? Then put less fragrance oil in. If you want a sleep balm that is easy to apply? Add more almond oil. Prefer coconut oil over almond oil, swap it out. Get the idea - you have the power!

3. You can save on waste when creating your own skin care as you can make what you need and then when you're running low you make some more! You can also reuse your containers and avoid plastic by using recycled glass jars or tins.

4. Another benefit is if you love making your own skin care, it can save you money long term. You can buy oils, butters, waxes etc in bulk and make a ton of product for a fraction of the store price. 

5. And finally, it will spark joy! Yes, this is a major benefit, the joy of making something and then using it on a daily basis is something wonderful. How great would it be if people asked you where you got your lip balm from and you can proudly say "from me, I made it!"

These are our favorite DIY beauty product kits to get you on your home-made skin care journey:

Make your own lip balm.

Make your own shampoo bars.

Make your own bath bombs.

Make your own body butter.

Make your own sugar scrub.


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