Famous Women and Their Hobbies

Famous Women and Their Hobbies

Think you don't have time for a hobby? You probably didn't think these women did either. Notoriously good at putting others first, ladies, it's time to invest in your time! 

Wondering what to choose? Well, that bit doesn’t really matter when half the fun is trying out new things. I think the most important thing is to not feel like you need to set aside lots of hours for your hobby (unless you want to). This can lead to feeling overwhelmed and ditching the whole plan. Make the project achievable and you’re good to go.

Ping pong, SurveyMonkey and knitting don’t typically feature in the one blog, but then that’s half the appeal. Here’s how a few famous women who are nailing the work/life balance.

Susan Sarandon

Susan is nuts about table tennis (or ping pong as it is commonly known in the US). In fact, she went so far as to open a ping pong bar in Los Angeles. 




Meryl Streep


Meryl is a knitter and credits her calmness to the relaxing repetition of knitting. Not only is this hobby easily transportable it’s a great way to fill it long days on a movie set.





Serena Williams 

When she’s not serving an ace on courts around the world, Serena is on the SurveyMonkey board. (Surveymonkey they are a free online survey tool for businesses and organisations).


Ginny Rometty


You may not be familiar with the name but she runs a little company called IBM – CEO, Chairman and President no doubt. Ginny is big on Broadway shows and scuba diving showing us variety is the spice of life.  

For quick and useful hobbies, why not dabble in a spot of soap making, macrame or a quick body butter? MakeKit boxes come with all the materials you need to make something to love and enjoy. Best of all, you can achieve professional results without the need for previous experience.  There are images, tutorials and clear instructions to show you the way.  




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