Embroidery tips to get your love affair with embroidery started

Embroidery tips to get your love affair with embroidery started

We all have to start somewhere. Embroidery can be super relaxing, it takes your focus off your screen and lets you be in the moment, slowing an over active mind down and giving your sole attention to one activity.


  1. To separate thread (also called stripping), grip the thread between your finger and thumb, leaving a little at the top, and separate the threads as shown in the middle picture above. Pull one thread up and out away from the rest, maintaining your grip on the rest of the thread. Even if you need more than one thread, do one thread at a time.


  1. If you are better at learning via watching something rather than reading, google the stitch type and find a video on YouTube – there are thousands, with easy to follow instructions. If you still can’t master the stitch, choose another stitch that you think won’t affect the overall effect of the pattern and keep on stitching! Don’t give up!


  1. There is more than enough embroidery thread included in this kit so don’t worry too much if you waste a little or make a mistake.


  1. Don’t use long lengths of thread as this can create tangle. Keep your thread lengths 30cm to 50cm and you’ll find it much easier and quicker to do your stitching


  1. Keep your fabric taught in the hoop, it should be drum tight. If it isn’t then your stitches may become distorted and uneven


  1. Do your stitching in good lighting – this is essential, you don’t want to strain your eyes!


  1. Get comfy and have fun!

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