Eight things to do with pom poms in 2023

Eight things to do with pom poms in 2023

What can I do with pom poms?

Making a pom pom is a truly lovely thing to do! For a couple of minutes, you completely zone out and just focus on the wool, wrapping it around and around and around! But what to do with these little creations of love? Well there are a lot of things you can do with pom poms, here are eight ideas to get you started.

OK here are some gorgeous ideas

1. Cover an entire front of a cushion with pom poms and instantly brighten up your favorite armchair. 

2. Make a pom pom garland, beautiful to hang in a nursery, or in a special space in your living room. Make a bunch of pom poms of your choice of colour/size and then thread a piece of fine ribbon or a single piece of wool through the center of each pom pom using a darning needle to create a beautiful garland. 

3. Sew a pom pom onto your favorite beanie, taking your beanie game to the next level. 

4. Make a pom pom key ring, by simply attaching your favorite pom pom to a key chain. Perfect keyring or bag tag for the kids.

5. Glue a strong magnet to the back of each pom pom to make cool fridge magnets. These will brighten up any old fridge. 

6. Sew pom poms onto a tote bag, you could use red pom poms and make cherries, or any colour you choose. Check out our Cherry Tote Kit for inspiration. 

7. Decorate gift wrapping with pom poms and yarn. Use kraft paper to wrap your pressie and then add a pom pom or two to personalize the wrapping. 

8. Make pom pom fairies to hang from school bags, door handles and Christmas trees. Add some wooden beads as the head, some wool for the fairy's hair, the pom pom as the body, make some cute felt wings and the fairy's two little legs are wool hanging out the bottom of the pom pom (picture of this blog is the fairy.

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