Easy Ways to Make Time for Creative Play

Easy Ways to Make Time for Creative Play

As a grown-up, I sometimes forget to have fun. Days iulled with the word 'should' can rob us all of creative play.

And that sucks. Because I know when I do connect with my creative side and work with my hands, I am so much the happier for it. Actually it's not just me that's happier.  Happy mum or happy wife = happy life.

Time seems to be the biggest hurdle for most of us.  If I don't feel I can finish it soon, I don't start. But this doesn't solve anything.   

So, here are my tips to fit in some fun time each week/fortnight/month with minimal effort.  

Enrol in a adult education course

I am a big fan of adult education.  Unfortunately, the number of high schools offering adult education is shrinking and yet they're a brilliant initiative.  Let's make sure they stick around by enrolling in an adult education course at a nearby school.   You'll also find courses at local community centres so check the noticeboard or Facebook page.   

I took a basic sewing course 2 years ago because I'd never mastered the art of sewing in a straight line.  At a TOWERING 5 feet 1 inch, my life is full of pant and sleeve alterations so learning to sew has been very beneficial.

Anyway, it became something I really looked forward to every Tuesday night and met like-minded people all doing their thing.   

Purchase a MakeKit project

Want to make something which is beautiful and useful?  Then you need a MakeKit box.  Each kit includes all you need to complete your DIY with simple instructions to get you there.  These projects are designed for all levels of 'crafty know-how' and can be completed in an hour of two, making them a terrific gift.  

Why not get some mates together and each try a different one?  

Try a new recipe

Fallen out of love with what you're cooking?  Hell yeah!  The internet is your oyster (pardon the pun).  Give yourself a time limit though, otherwise you'll be browsing for days. 

Make something with friends

Knitting and sewing circles are wonderful ways to catch up with friends in our ever increasing busy lives.  Schedule in a evening once a month to get together and chat while you make.

Visit an op shop
Oh, the things you can find! Buttons, pieces of fabric, beads, a skirt you can alter, wool and net curtains you can re-purpose into non-plastic produce bags.  

Pick a handmade craft you loved as a child

As Maria Kondo would put it, what 'sparks joy'? I have very fond childhood memories of cane weaving and macramé with my mum. I took up macramé once again a few years back and loved it so much I've added it to the MakeKit range.  Our macrame plant holder is a very popular kit with both adults and teens.

Finish that project once and for all
You know what it is.  Finish it or bin it, but have closure.  It'll feel like you've lost 5kg!

Find inspiration at a local market

General Collective and Crafternoon Tea are just two of the craft and lifestyle markets happening all over this country of ours. Keep an eye out via community boards, Facebook and of course, word of mouth.

MakeKit has DIY boards specifically for children, Easter, Christmas, teens and adults - see what takes your fancy. 


The most important thing is to START.  

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