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Easy Ways to bring Scandinavian Style into your Home

It's definitely contemporary with clean lines but Scandinavian style is also warm and definitely casual.  

Scandi style doesn't mean you are living in a show home, and this is where a few wander off the track. Look at the famous Nordic designers and exuberant textiles of Josef Frank (Sweden) and Marimekko (Finland) who created exuberant patterns where colour reigns supreme, compared to a typical show home which offers beige on top of more beige.

It's a little quirky and shows you something unexpected, light coloured walls and always welcoming. People who are usually drawn to Scandinavian style enjoy using natural materials eg: cotton, linen, and wood and appreciate handmade items like hand printed tea towels, cushions and stationary.     

Scandinavian style tends to go hand in hand with mid-century furniture where the emphasis is on furniture quality and standout pieces.

The thing I love most about Scandinavian interiors is the negative space.  Declutter, do it again, then edit. Go forth and display your beautiful glassware and ceramics, not hidden in cupboards! There is a sense of calm with this style and room to breathe. Best of all, it's never a huge task to keep clean because all the "stuff" has already gone!

Here are some easy, hassle-free ways to replicate the Scandinavian style at home or to soften your work environment:

  • Look at for mid-century pieces - if you are lucky enough to find a bargain which needs a little lovin' it will make a great DIY project to sand back the legs and reupholster with a new fabric. Look for light timbers over dark shades.   Of course if you are looking for storage solutions there is no going past Swedish homeware giant, Ikea, which can be found via distributors in New Zealand Ie:, or 
  • Plants - you will always see an indoor plant or three in a Scandinavian home 
  • Paint is your friend - especially if it's one of the 500 shades of white available. 
  • Accessories - hold back on having lots and lots of accessories. Add colour through your accessories with beautiful glass pieces, cushions with texture and prints. Bright colours or calming pastels such as blush pink, ice blues and mint greens - you can choose either way. 
  • Black and white - is also a big contributor to scandi style like the MakeKit Ring Cone box which you can make and design yourself!. White bedding makes a room look clean and fresh. Be careful not to overdo the black and white theme as it can look and feel cold. 

This style stems from long, cold winters where everyone is spending a lot of time indoors, so it's no wonder they're craving light coloured walls and floors with bright sunshine colours such as turquoise, red, yellow and greens.










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