DIY Projects to Make with Felt Balls

DIY Projects to Make with Felt Balls

Felt balls, don't you just love them?!   They hold the most beautiful intense colours and that can bring joy to any room. If you want to add a pop of colour somewhere, anywhere, this list of felt ball DIY projects offers great inspiration.  

What's more, felt balls are easy to use and your completed project will look like you've spent lots of dosh at a high-end homeware store.  Nice one. 


Felt Ball Mobile

Choose felt ball colours to suit a baby's or toddler's room, or a good selection of rainbow colours (image from

Felt Ball Garland

In bedrooms - boys, girls and adults, these look gorgeous draped over the corner of a mirror or utilising some wall space which needs a some 'punch' or framing a series art works they have created.   

Boys rooms look great with a mixture of:

  • Orange, grey and white

  • Red, white and blue

  • Black, grey and blue

  • Black grey and white

  • Brown, white and orange

 Some lovely colour combinations for a girls room are:

  • Pink, white and yellow (just like the Makekit logo)

  • Purple, blue and grey

  • Purple, blue and yellow

  • Black, white and their favourite colour

  • Yellow, grey and white


Bored with your wardrobe? Time to add something new!  A felt ball necklace takes around 10 minutes to complete and you can see the tutorial here.(image from


Felt Ball Trivets and Coasters 

Add some warmth to your kitchen over the winter months with a DIY felt ball trivet or DIY coasters.  Trivets are just large coasters which are used for placing hot kettles, plates, and pots to protect your surface. 

It's simply a matter of stitching the felt balls together using an embroidery needle and embroidery thread and working it into a round or square shape.  Alternatively, you can glue them to cork coasters like they do here.

Remember to lay out your colour pattern before you start.  And, because these are made of wool they will absorb moisture without causing mildew.   

Christmas Decorations

Felt ball baubles make perfect ornaments for Christmas and are made using polystyrene balls, felt balls and a trusty hot glue gun.  

Christmas Wreath

This one is just gorgeous and a lovely way to celebrate Christmas if more traditional decorations aren't your thing.  I will definitely be making one of these for this Christmas season.  A polystyrene wreath shape, hot glue gun and lots of felt balls - magic!

(image from

Decorating a Cushion or Pillow

If you're looking to 'jazz up' a cushion or pillow cover, a few well placed felt balls sewn into the seam will give it a new lease of life.   

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