Crafty gift wrapping ideas

Crafty gift wrapping ideas

I've had a few Christmases and birthdays now with the kids, where there is one person's sole job to pick up the ripped wrapping paper and put in a bag/box ready to go in the bin, the amount of waste is just astonishing. And yes, part of the joy is ripping off that paper, this same joy can be achieved without the waste. Here's how.

1. Make the wrapping part of the present. This is great for kids presents, and you don't have to spoil the surprise inside, as the main gifts can be gifted in book bag, a cute tote bag or inside a new lunch box. For adults, think an arty tea towel or a beautiful scarf or a reusable shopping bag. 

2. Wrap in some beautiful fabric or material. Cut into a square, take each corner and bring into the middle of the gift and tie into the middle - viola!  A beautiful gift with beautiful cloth that can be re-used.

3. Use kraft paper which is recyclable and wrap with a fabric ribbon, this is how we wrap our gifts here at Make Kit.

4. Use an old map or newspaper page, this can look really neat and re-purposes an old map that is sitting in a draw somewhere.

5. For smaller gifts, pop your pressie in a cannister, old jar, or a used small box. Dress these up with some twine, a clay Christmas decoration, dried flowers, pom poms or a fabric ribbon.

6. Purchase or sew a set of re-usable fabric gift bags and use these every Christmas. 

7. Use kid's artwork to wrap Mother's or Father's day presents, because let's face it, quite a lot of art work comes home, so why not re-use it somehow?

Oohh all of a sudden I'm looking forward to Christmas :)




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