Colour of the Year & Trends for 2017

Colour of the Year & Trends for 2017

Fresh start, vibrancy, and optimism - sounds a lot like a New Years resolution, doesn't it?  What's more these are also words fitting for Pantone's colour of the year - Greenery.  Look out for it because this bright beauty is going to start popping up everywhere. 

You might be a little gun-shy to use this spring-like colour in your home but a little can go a long way and you certainly don't need a design degree to make a success of it.


Here some ideas where Greenery will fit in well with much of your existing décor.

Kitchen: cups, platters, tumblers, tea towels, apron, jugs, and storage containers will all feature this colour over the year. The kitchen is an easy, cost-effective area to bring in the colour of the year.

Paint: a child's desk or study chair, a feature wall or a striking front door.  All these projects will add a real punch. Think about spaces such as a white bathroom with a pop of green - perfect. 

Manchester and Soft furnishings: a fresh new duvet cover, a rug,  throw cushions or towels.  Or perhaps a lampshade which has speckles of bright green?  Check out the Makekit Lampshade Kit and have the satisfaction of saying "Oh, I made that".

As a yellowy-green, it is not for the fainthearted and has a definitive nod back to the 1970s, as do some of the other design trends you'll see this year.  Such as ..... 

Cork: Takes me back about 40 years to my parent's bach in the Coromandel.  Cork is not just a great 'post it' board, but also very effective at reducing noise. 
Dark Green: If greenery is too yellow for you,  look out of for dark green in décor accessories such as cushions, statement chairs, and most of all - glass.

Metallic Finishes: not the super shining coppers we saw in 2016, but a matte industrial finish.

Terracotta - Adding colour and warmth (particularly in bathrooms), and not overly rustic. Matte and modern for 2017.

Nooks, hideaways, quiet times -  More homeowners are adding purpose built ‘quiet spaces’ to lose yourself in a book or some well earned daydreaming.  Blissful. 


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