Best winter craft kits 2023

Best winter craft kits 2023

I can't believe winter is actually here, where has the first half of 2023 gone! And while most of us prefer the warmer months, winter doesn't have to be that dull, spice it up with some craft! Here are some of our best-selling winter craft kits.

Bath bombs - What better way to spend a cold winter's evening than soaking in a hot bath with an added bath bomb made by you! Start your evening wind down with a hot bath infused with lavender essential oil from the bath bomb. The only bad bit...having to get out! But chuck your PJs straight on and jump into bed - umm sounds like bliss to me (I think I'm starting to show my age).

Embroidery kitsI don't know about you, but I tend to be feet up, reclined on that sofa a lot earlier in the evening in wintertime, so starting an embroidery project in winter is the right time to do it! Chip away at your own pace, master a new stitch and create a beautiful keepsake made by you.

Soy Candles in Vintage Tea CupsSet the perfect winter mood with a soy candle in one of our cute vintage teacups - all sourced from local charity shops. Choose from the following fragrances - Lime and Coconut, Rose Geranium and Sandalwood, Classic Vanilla, Warm Gingerbread (winter favourite) and Espresso.

Lux Body Butter - This body butter, made with shea butter, almond AND coconut oil will be your winter's skin best friend! Say goodbye to dry skin, a little goes a long way with this little pot of skin hydration gold. The best part of making this kit is whipping the butter, it resembles whipped cream (it looks delicious).

Lavender sleep balm - Winter is the best time of year to get into bed early and catch up on some much-needed sleep. Our lavender sleep balm, laced with chamomile and lavender essential oils will aid relation and sleep, and make your bedroom smell lush at the same time. 

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