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8 Tips for Harnessing your Creativity

I love this blog by Nadia Lim which is all about making time for creativity.  

The advice about using the morning to work on projects rings very true to me as it probably does with most people.  

Checking emails, browsing on your phone and generally faffing about will soak up precious morning hours you could have done some creative task. Whether it's creativity needed in a business environment, blanket stitching, cooking or building a garden. Use those first few hours wisely and you will be amazed at how much can (and will) be achieved.  

Another great tip from this article was advising people to 'break it down" - into bite size time frames that is!  Nadia suggests 25 minutes for each task - even if it's part of a bigger task.

I used to be a bit hard on myself if I didn't complete everything on today's list. Thankfully I've learned to grow up, get real and delegate jobs to my kids.  Besides, completing 'something'  is better than starting a whole bunch of projects and not completing any of them. 

We all know once you start scrolling on Instagram, Facebook and the like - it can be compared to falling into a deep abyss.  Before you know it 45 minutes has past by and you've forgotten the reason why you went to the website in the first place!  The idea behind giving yourself 25 minute slots is to help keep you on track and have some accountability for your actions.  

Her other great piece of advice was "spend time on projects, not tasks".  Perhaps leave form filling and tax returns until later in the day in one of those designated 25 minute slots.  

These are the best tips I took from the blog. You can read the complete article here and see what little gem you can learn from. 

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