6 Reasons Why Women Love Workshops

6 Reasons Why Women Love Workshops

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 How hard is it to get together with good friends? Seriously, it can be ridiculous. 

Work commitments, children, partner and extended family and household jobs all leave very little time to fit it all in. Then there’s sleeping, eating and exercise (occasionally), to throw into the mix.

If we don't make a conscious effort to fit people/tasks into our diary, then it rarely ever happens.  This is why women love workshops. It’s a few hours of fun, escapism from the daily grind and a chance to see multiple friends at once. 

So, if a group of friends could meet up, make something awesome and enjoy a few hours chilling out – would that sound like a fine idea?


  1. First and foremost you SEE your friends! No texting or reading about them on Facebook. You actually see and talk to the women you love dearly. 
  2. Women naturally 'come together'. Through times of crisis and times of happiness. Or when we’re mulling over something and we’re interested in some feedback – which is pretty much most of the time. 
  3. Have Fun.  Workshops are just bloody good fun. And when you’re happy, your productivity and creativity increase.
  4. We never lose the desire to learn.  Exercising our minds (that little grey matter) leaves us all feeling like it's a day well spent when we've learnt a thing or two. It takes away the boredom that an everyday routine can sometimes generate.
  5. Busy hands are happy hands. Therapeutic and calming, research shows us that creating with our hands decreases stress and boosts happiness.
  6. You don’t need to prepare.  If you choose to book a MakeKit workshop all the work is done for you. Lisa comes to your home or workplace and teaches everyone a beautiful craft project. Talk to Lisa about your budget and a DIY project you’re keen to try, and all the tools and materials are supplied. 
Alternatively, you and your friends can order some craft projects that Lisa will box up with easy-to-follow instructions and post it off for you to enjoy.

Make your time together count.  Workshops are an affordable, low-stress way to get your best mates together.

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