5 Must Try Craft Kits for Beginners

5 Must Try Craft Kits for Beginners

Crafting can be daunting, but once you get goingm and don't worry too much about everything being perfect, crafting is the bee's knees Here are our five easiest kits for the novice crafter

1. Make your own fridge magnets - this kit is super easy and fun to make, resulting in 11 functional fridge magnets. Sort school notices, sentimental treasures and menus in style with all the magnets you'll ever need.   

2. Make your own lavender sleep balm - quick and easy, all you have to do is follow the instructions, mix some ingredients together, leave it to solidify and presto, some beautiful sleep balm laced with lavender and chamomile essential oils. Hello good night's sleep. 

3. Make your own pom poms - perfect for big and little hands, once you get the hang of making these with our express pom pom makers the sky is the limit! Who can make the biggest fluffiest pom pom?

4. Make your own soy candle in a teacup - if you are new to candle making this kit is perfect. Everything you need is included in this kit to make a beautiful, slow burning candle. 

5. Make your own Clay Christmas Decorations - it is never too early to start Christmas prep, and what better way than to make your own Chrissy ornaments! Easy to make, while letting your creativity take over by creating your own design on each decoration.

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