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38 Ways to Use Pom Poms


It's 2023 and we're just nuts about pom poms. It's like making a little ball of happiness every time!  And pom poms are useful as well. Here are 38 lovely (not lame) ideas to use pom poms and make everyday items much more fun. 

All these pom pom ideas are found on the MakeKit Pom Pom Board. 

pom pom crafts

  1. Add pom poms to the outer of a blanket or throw rug.
  2. Make a keyring. These cherry pom pom keychains are particularly cool.
  3. Make Christmas decorations. Pom poms make great Christmas puddings!
  4. Make a pom pom garland. Colour code them for different times of the year 
  5. Tote bags look great with a few pom pom hanging from the handle.
  6. Tie them to a hoop frame and make a personalised Christmas wreath.
  7. Design a cosy rug for a baby’s room or a cold floor
  8. Add them to a jumper to make Winter more fun. 
  9. Add them to a beanie. 
  10. Cover an entire cushion front with pom poms. 
  11. Or if you prefer, on all four sides or just at the corners.
  12. Decorate gifts with pom poms and yarn. pom pom crafts 
  13. We love these pretend-play ice cream cones
  14. Make pom pom fairies to hang from school bags and door handles.  Or use it as the tooth fairy who leaves a gold coin when someone loses their tooth!
  15. Glue a strong magnet on the back of each pom pom for cool fridge. magnets. You could even colour code each pom pom for every member of the household. 
  16. Pom poms make the cutest chickens for an Easter Egg hunt.
  17. Glue a small pom pom to a hairclip or hand stitch onto a hair tie.
  18. Hot glue to a monogram for a child’s room.
  19. Make your own animals like this hedgehog or Shaun the Sheep.
  20. Make play food like this strawberry or liquorice allsorts.
  21. Make a pom pom mobile.
  22. Who doesn’t need more cupcakes in their life?
  23. Have the cutest sandals this summer.
  24. And the cutest slippers for cooler nights!
  25. Buy a cheapie woven basket and decorate with pom poms to add some fun to your indoor plants.
  26. Not sure about you, but I keep losing bookmarks. Time to make a simple pom pom bookmark. 
  27. Design your own giant pom pom wall hanging. This one consists of driftwood, twine, leather strings and pom poms. So easy but so effective.
  28. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not upskill to a pajaki chandelier? (pronounced “pie-yonky”) A Polish craft, traditionally made with colorful paper flowers also looks fantastic with pom poms.
  29. Add one to the ends of that gorgeous woolen scarf.
  30. Like minimalist, contemporary styles? What about a striking pom pom Christmas tree
  31. Pom pom napkin rings may sound odd, but how gorgeous is this table setting?! Love the bright colours against the crisp white.
  32. Sew small ready made pom pom onto your beach cover.
  33. And take your summer clutch up a notch!
  34. Every girl loves a bouquet.
  35. Woohoo! Pom pom party hats.
  36. Personalise birthday, Christmas and anniversary cards.
  37. Make a series of pom poms in primary colours and let toddlers sort the colours. This is great for their fine motor skills.
  38. Use the time when making pom poms to reconnect and check-in with your kids. They’re more likely to open up through indirect communication. Pom pom making is also a calming skill they (and you!) can enjoy. 

    Buy a Pom Pom Starter Kit with 4 yarns, 4 pom pom makers, a pom pom sample and simple instructions.  

    pom pom crafts

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