30 Fun Things to do that don't involve the Internet

30 Fun Things to do that don't involve the Internet

If you feel you've been sucked into Internet overload it's time to take a break from the online world, get those creative ideas flowing and place yourself safely back in the real world.

Sadly, sometimes it seems impossible to think up an idea to get excited about. Fear not! Time to print out this list and attach it to the fridge in case you're stuck for inspiration again.

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  1. Try a new look with your makeup
  2. Visit your local charity shop. Great place for vintage plates, books etc. Why not take something to donate as well. 
  3. Bake a cake and take it to your friend's house.
  4. Donate or sell shoes you just never wear anymore.
  5. Doodle. Grab a felt or pen and draw an everyday item. Take pleasure in the simplicity of your design. 
  6. Visit a local art gallery and buy one of those cool postcards from the art shop. Take it home, frame it, enjoy it. 
  7. Design and paint your own ring cones.
  8. Listen to your favourite CD of 1985 - the memories will come flooding back! (am I showing my age?)
  9. Start (and finish) a DIY craft project 
  10. Use up those gorgeous fabric scraps to craft it into something beautiful 
  11. Walk along a beach to clear your head (perfect for when you have a busy week ahead).
  12. Cook up a big batch of soup, and freeze some for when you can't be bothered cooking.
  13. Grab your camera (not the one on your phone!) and discover a new area of your city.
  14. Invite 4 close friends to an impromptu tea party. 
  15. Finally mend those pants, skirt, or jacket sleeves. 
  16. Start a 1000 piece jigsaw.
  17. Watch a favourite movie from the 1980's. 
  18. Join a guided walk tour in your hometown. Impress your friends with your new found knowledge. 
  19. Visit a garden centre and be inspired to plant something exotic. 
  20. Make a diorama with your children, only using what you have on hand (shoe box, glitter, Lego pieces, ping pong balls, poster paint, pasta pieces etc).
  21. Finish a 1000 piece jigsaw. 
  22. Visit a garden centre and be inspired to plant something new. 
  23. Throw up those containers you can never find a lid for!
  24. Flick through photos of that amazing holiday. Better still, actually arrange them in an album (guilty as charged).
  25. Walk through beautiful local gardens and wonder why you don't come here more often.
  26. Try a new recipe from one of your many cookbooks. 
  27. Flick through those hair styling magazines at your salon and ask for advice on a new style. C'mon, it will always grow back. 
  28. Seat in a cafe (without your phone) and people watch for an hour. 
  29. Write a letter or send a handmade card to your parents. If you have children, have them write to their grandparents. It will make their day. 
  30. Change the sheets and go to bed early with a new magazine or book. Absolutely bliss. 



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