20 Top-Notch Ideas for the School Holidays

20 Top-Notch Ideas for the School Holidays


I’ve really thought about this.  I didn’t want to list the usual ideas and have added some unique ideas....well, at least I hope they are!


Please remember you are not their events coordinator.  Nigel Latta teaches us, allowing children to become bored helps fuel their imagination.  We as parents are not there to make sure they are interested all the time – they must learn how to do it themselves.  


Totally agree, but for those times when the family needs some solid ideas, here are some top-notch ones …


  1. Get them making dinner! Nachos, spaghetti bolognaise, stir fry and pizzas are all achievable meals for kids to make, especially if they’ve already cooked at school.
  2. Pocket money = mowed lawn, washing the car, vacuuming and weeding. Pay in cash or with trips to dairy. 
  3. Build robots with a cool-as robot kit. Kids get to use nails, screws, glue and lego pieces.  If your kids are competitive (and my boys certainly are!) see who can make the funniest looking robot.
  4. Take them for a walk along a local beach. Blows out those cobwebs, they’ll find rocks and shells and ‘stuff’ and it will tire them out. Are. Welcome. 
  5. 20 minutes using a Maths app (your school can recommend some) for 1 hour on Minecraft. Maths first of course – and use a timer!
  6. Make pom poms. Don’t make the mistake our pom pom kit is just for girls because I’ve seen lots of boys enjoy them too! All kids find it therapeutic, in fact, this is an all-ages DIY project.  Check out our Pinterest board for tonnes of pom pom ideas. 
  7. List old toys on Trademe. Or pack them up and deliver to an op shop or Starship hospital (books are especially helpful for children in hospital). 
  8. Get some mates round for movie and popcorn.
  9. Discover a part of your city you haven’t seen before.
  10. Google popular bushwalks so you know how long the walk is, location and how steep.
  11. Head to the local pools. It needn’t cost a fortune and you can even take a laptop and get some work done while you’re there (if you want!).
  12. Pull your resources. Other mums and dads wondering what to do, too. Kids aren’t too fussed what they do as long as they are with friends.  Take turns looking after other children and then all parents get a break. 
  13. Is it raining? Send the kids outside in their wetsuits – even better if you’re lucky enough to have a trampoline.
  14. Help them build a photo album. Gather photos from some of their favourite holidays. Or a photo scrapbook they can decorate with stickers and speech bubbles.
  15. Ask them what they’d like to do before the end of the year. It could be surprising and sparks some ideas.
  16. Find out what’s happening locally. School holidays usually means extra shows, exhibits and festivals in your area. Support local events and they will keep coming!
  17. Visit a skatepark.
  18. Another great craft DIY are fridge magnets.  School notices, vouchers and photos all front and centre.  Tell us what colours/patterns you like, and we’ll send you a kit you’ll love.
  19. If your child is a reluctant reader, have them listen to an audiobook.
  20. If it’s a beautiful day, suggest the kids make a bed under a shady tree. Sometimes lying back and listening to the birds and sounds around you is just the ticket! Being a kid doesn’t have to mean always being ‘on the go’.


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