10 Things I Love About Sunday

10 Things I Love About Sunday

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Sundays are a real slow down day for me. I was never a big fan of Sundays in my twenties, but this may be due to listening to melancholic songs from The Smiths. Or fancying the wrong boys. Either way, I’m all for Sundays these days and here’s why….

  1. It’s the one day of the week where I don’t HAVE to be somewhere - no school runs or sideline words of encouragement. In true anarchy style, I stay in my pyjamas until 11 am. Everyone else in the household seems to embrace it too. 
  2. I get out into the garden. Whether mowing the lawn, pruning or feeding, I just love some nature time.
  3. It's always a great night for TV drama. Failing that, there is something recorded. 
  4. Going for a walk. I don’t know about you but I tend to “work stuff out” while I’m walking. Is it the repetitive action, getting out of the house or simply the fresh air which clears my mind from jumble? Who cares, it works! 
  5. Having the time to cook a substantial lunch and hope there’s enough left for dinner. And if it’s all gone, then I'll drop enormous hints of how it's some other person's turn to cook.       
  6. Finding amazing projects like this DIY headboard on Pinterest 
  7. Making something. Fabric scraps, washi tape or a Scandinavian wall hanging all fall into this 15-30 minute category. Plus it's fun and cheaper than therapy.
  8. No alarm. Oh happy day.
  9. Reading. I love getting the weekly Paperboy in the mail, flipping through a magazine or heaven forbid, a chapter or two from a book with the morning coffee. 
  10. Doing something just for the fun of it. A novel idea isn’t it?


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