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Craft Box - Black + White Ring Cone

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Keep all your rings in place with your own customised ring cone craft project.  It's  easy to create a professional finish using the paints, varnish and brushed provided.  And because you decide on the design, they'll look great in your bedroom or bathroom. Play around with stripes, dots and simple patterns to customise your design.  

The gloss varnish makes the ring cones hard wearing so they can stand up to the knocks and the air-drying clay means you don't even need an oven.  

A great gift for a birthday, Christmas, Mother's day or just when you want to give someone a special thanks.  

Never get stuck wondering where your rings are again! 


This Makekit kit includes:

  • Air drying clay (makes 1 large or 2 small cones)
  • Black and white acrylic paints
  • Two paintbrushes (fine and medium tip)
  • Acrylic high gloss varnish
  • Image design ideas for your project
  • Detailed instructions
  • Everything comes in a beautiful sturdy box!