Hi there, 

My name is Lisa and I design craft kits for adults and children who love to 'make'.

It's fun sinking your teeth into a new project but you don't want to spend your precious time sourcing all the supplies, or bulk-buying materials you may never use again. It sounds, and is, exhausting.  I know, I've done it!

This is where Makekit comes in.

I was looking for kits which were tasteful and professional and suitable for beginners as well as DIY addicts, but there was little to choose from.  So, I started making my own, tested them on friends and it's been growing ever since! 

Lisa Evans Makekit

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, my DIY craft kits have everything to you need to make beautiful and useful items for yourself or give as a gift. I want you to be proud to show-off your project and say ‘yeah, I made that!

I also offer creative workshops for adults where people learn something new, enjoy the wine and nibbles supplied and take home a completed project. 

OK, here's 3 things you should know about me:

  • I love the colour turquoise 

  • New York is my favourite city (with Istanbul and Cairo tied in second place).

  • Some days I just want to have cornflakes for dinner

The best thing about 'making' is it's a real mood lifter, especially when you're with your favourite people because then you're not only working with your hands, you're probably laughing, talking and learning new ideas as well.  

It’s relaxing, challenging and fun all at the same time.  And who doesn't want to have more fun in the day-to-day?   

See the ever-growing range of gorgeous DIY craft projects for adults and kids, creative workshops for adults and craft parties for kids.